Je suis arrivé à l’Mediterranean

Tuesday 21st June

The last stretch of any day and indeed any journey is often the hardest.

Today was 30 degrees with unrelenting sun and little water nor shade. I started on the flat and headed down the valley for the sea. I walked through many more vineyards and a well tanned elderly farmer give me directions to a shortcut up to the final castle, the Château d’Aguilar. The castle wasn’t open yet and parts had scaffolding but still the views were good.


I took the decision to make a beeline for the coast and campsite rather than head into Port Nouveau. This proved to be a hard 40km plus of walking through dry, dusty landscape but still was beautiful. I passed an 8th century chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Olives. I appreciated the shade, continued and eventually reached the village of Feuille with its independent winery. I passed up over a ridge and a small defensive tower and eventually through Caves and then onto La Franqui – and the Mediterranean at last.

The Med

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