Je ne regrette rien

IMG_0666This is the story of doctor and amateur adventurer Chris Markwick’s epic hike across the Pyreneés mountains; a coast to coast journey of stamina, survival, scenery and seriously dodgy cous cous.

As Chris makes his way eastward over the course of (hopefully fewer than!) 45 days, he will share his observations, top tips and photos from mountain tops and ramshackle shepherd huts.

The idea of this adventure was born when Chris, spurred on by the desire for some peace and quiet and to finally make use of a large shed full of camping equipment, decided he should take advantage of a six week gap between jobs.

This adventure is to inspire others to have a Wild Night Out; a project initiated by the brilliant Belinda Kirk of Explorers Connect in aid of the equally brilliant Youth Adventure Trust, a charity helping vulnerable and disadvantaged kids get outside and learn invaluable life skills.

Having left from Ebbsfleet International on Monday 23 May, Chris is walking the 800km solo from Hendaye to Banyuls-sur-Mer via the GR10, Pyrenean Haute Route (HRP) and the GR11 footpaths.

You can track Chris’s progress via this blog and if you feel inspired please plan your own Wild Night Out and donate to the Youth Adventure Trust via JustGiving.

Thank you!

Chris Markwick

All the words and photographs will come from Chris but entries will be posted by Sophie at ChrisMarkwick HQ. We’re sorry if this post made you hungry for a croissant.

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